Is there a membership fee to play on a team?

Yes. We have a team membership and a non-team membership tuition program cost.

Do we have to pay the referees at games?

No. Referee fees are included in your league or tournament fee.

When playing on an Excel Team, does program cost include training and uniform?

Being enrolled as an Excel Team member includes training. Uniform cost is an additional one-fee for the season

Are you developing a girls’ basketball program in the Academy?

We have a terrific girls program in our Preston location and are continuing to build in the Tacoma-University Place facility.

What if we cannot attend a game that is scheduled?

You must give Excel Sports Academy 24 hours’ notice.

Is your facility available for rent?

Yes. We only rent for sporting events, .i.e. tournaments, league play, etc. Since we are an academy that specializes in basketball training

How many tournaments does the academy participate in during the season?

You can expect to participate in at least two tournaments each month during the season.

Are there discounts for multiple children?

Yes. We offer a 25% discount for each additional child enrolled in the Academy.

Does your facility host open gyms?

No. We are a private academy.

Do teams travel in your program?

Yes. We participate in competitive play throughout the year locally as well as travel to areas such as Portland (Gym Rats Tournament), Yakima (Best of the West) and Las Vegas and Los Angeles, to name a few.

Who handles the administration for signing up teams for leagues and or tournaments?

Our Administration staff handles all league and tournament registration.

When I try to sign up online, it wants me to pay the full amount. Do I have to?

You have the option of paying monthly or in full for the three-month season. 

How do we get our training schedule?

Go to the website, login to your profile, and click on the link on the left that says EVENT SIGNUP. You can view the monthly training schedule, and based on your respective membership package, you will be able to select classes for the week and/or month.

Do you offer private training?

Yes. We offer private training packages along with Specialty Training (i.e Shooting Gun, Vertimax and training).