Parent Corner

The Role of Parents in Athletics

Teaching Character through Sport by Bruce Brown

Part of the successful experience for the athlete involves the communication triangle between the parent, athlete, and coach.


Most problems with parents and sport are self-generated

  • Kids have changed very little over the years, but the parents have changed dramatically.
  • Too many households place an overemphasis on sports at the expense of sportsmanship and support.
    • As a result, the number of parents who cross the appropriate line of support or encouragement to intolerable interference has increased.
  • Too many parents seem to be more concerned with attracting the attention of college scouts, than just enjoying their child’s high school years and letting their child’s advancement to college take its own path.
  • As the focus has shifted from playing for the school team to being part of select teams outside of school, parents have become more and more involved.
  • With loyalty only for their own child and over involvement, these shortsighted adults have been one of the main causes of coaching turnover and burnout.
  • Too many parents have different goals and expectations than their child.These different set of expectations will force conflicts to eventually arise throughout the season.


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