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At Excel Sports Academy, we offer many options in order to fit your needs. Our goal is to ensure each student athlete is given the opportunity to grow and excel in every area of his or her life. To support our goal, we have developed our membership packages and curriculum to accommodate individuals attending the academy in two distinguished groups, team and non-team memberships. Please see the vast curriculum also included in membership opportunities with Excel Sports Academy.

Special Events


Excel is proud to participate in some of the local and regional top tournaments. Excel tournament play is essential and key to helping to shape and continue the development of our student athletes. With our year round programs, student athletes can expect to compete at a high level and experience selected tournaments even on a national level.


Life Skills

The entire staff at Excel Sports Academy is committed to the overall development of the student athlete. We believe there is more to an athlete than simply athletic abilities. We focus attention on building and fostering character, attitude and strength of mind to form well-rounded student athletes. Life skills are not hereditary; they must be taught. With that in mind, we at Excel continue to develop our curriculum around building social and emotional fitness, helping to shape the complete person and student athlete.

In addition, we foster a feeling of empowerment and confidence in our students, assisting them in achieving their full potential while living life to the fullest. Our primary goal is helping our youth see life through a positive lens and have the confidence they can succeed when they put their tools and know how to work.

One way we achieve this goal is our life skills courses. We are delighted with the opportunity to engage student athletes and their parents in navigating life skills curriculum.

Excel offers monthly life skills seminars for students and their parents focusing on a host of subjects including money management, navigating conflict resolution, time management, skills building, nutrition and healthy eating, respecting cultural differences, parenting, and building self-esteem.

Additionally, every quarter we feature a special guest keynote speaker. These speakers highlight exciting and informative topics such as entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, and leadership.
At the end of the day our message at Excel Sports Academy is simple, the more you know, the further you will go , and the brighter your life and future will be.

We are committed to developing the whole individual. Therefore, focusing on personal and academic skills are just as, if not more, important as athletic skill development. Excel will be offering weekly personal and academic workshops to assist student athletes in academic improvement, appreciation of lifelong learning, and the continuing development of self-confidence.



Nutrition an integral role in staying in shape to play and performing to your full potential. Our nutrition seminars are centered on increasing knowledge, awareness and positive eating habits with our student athletes. The seminars involve students in interactive learning activities that are creative, fun and highly informative.

Educational seminars on nutrition for athletes including such topics as:
– Meals and snacks to keep you energized for practices and games
– Foods to help you recover from workouts and long tournament days
– How much and what to drink to stay hydrated
– Answers to questions about protein drinks, vitamins and mineral supplements, and more!

Students and parents are invited to bring questions to these interactive sessions and speak directly with a Registered Dietitian about using food to stay at the top of your game.

Leadership & Service

Excel student athletes will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through community service and humanitarian projects. Our goal is creating tomorrow’s leaders who are challenged and ready to lead.


The staff at Excel Sports Academy is committed to the overall development of your student athlete. There is more to an athlete than simply his or her athletic abilities. Statistics show there are more individuals who receive college financial support for academics than for sports.

Excel Sports Academy provides structure and accountability to ensure grades are a top priority. We offer academic mentor support to assist our student athletes in being accountable and accepting responsibility for their school curriculum and coursework.


Excel Sports Academy also offers subject specific tutoring opportunities. Please contact us if you are interested taking advantage of this great opportunity!

“If you are satisfied with 99% you will never reach 100%”
Name: James Holmes
Hometown: Tacoma, WA
High School: Mount Tahoma High School
University: University of Washington
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering (major)/Mathematics (minor)
Career: Aerospace Engineer
Tutor Specialties: Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Engineering
Fun Fact: I played collegiate soccer
Favorite Color: Blue
Extracurricular Activities: Coach/Trainer at Excel Sports Academy
Best Dessert: Cheese Cake

Basketball Camps/Clinics

Upcoming Camps/Clinics

Excel Sports Academy is excited to host this years Veterans Day Basketball Skills for grades 3rd-8th.  Registration will remain open until Thursday night, and welcome day of registrants.

Clinic Dates:
November 10th 10am-2pm

Curtis High School
8425 40th Street W.
University Place, WA 98466

Register at:



Did you know…

If you are not a current Team Member or Non Team Member – (Training only) at Excel Sports Academy and want to participate in events such as Camps, Clinics and Seminars, please see our Basic Membership Account below.

In order to sign-up for any at event by Excel Sports Academy, you have to have an account setup. The basic membership account allows for pay-as-you-go event registrations.

Excel Sports Academy is your destination for elite sports camps, clinics and skill development. Come tryout for one of our teams during any season year-round for court play and AAU tournament competition.

Excel in Academics, Excel in Sports, Excel in Life.

Scholarship Program

Excel reviews it’s scholarship program each season. We offer selected scholarships and are excited about the opportunity to continue to enhance this area of our academy. To obtain more information on the types of scholarships and its criteria, please email for more details.

Youth Sport Opportunity

We at Excel are proud of the opportunity that our members/student athletes enjoy with elite specialized basketball training, sports conditioning and AAU tournament play. However, Excel is proud to be associated with other Youth Sports organizations offering Youth Sports Opportunity in Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Baseball.